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Frequently Asked Question


Why you should buy from us ?

Amazon Export is a dedicated Corporation. We push ourselfs hard to give the highest quality product with efficiency in our service. Our Company recognizes each client has special and unique needs and using these concepts we are more than happy to make sure your satisfaction in all aspects of the seafood industry.


Which are the qualities and characteristics of your products ?

The plant allows us to preserve all nutritional and original conditions of the seafood wich include taste, colors, texture and freshness. The expertise of our employees, processing, and suppliers guarantee the quality of our service. We supervise each detail from the vessels to your facilities, including the packing specifications and delivery conditions.


Where is your fish caught ?

Our suppliers are located in the best to collect seafood in Amazon. 


Are the seafood products under any regulation?

The seafood product and services follow the most strict safety regulations from the HACCP  ISO .


How is the relationship with the environment?

Our industry standard emphasizes the environment using sustainable harvest practices and developing Amazon region


How wide is the variety of seafood products ?

Our seafood products offer our customers an big variety. You can check out our product list in our website.


Which are the criteria relate to the quality of products ?

Emphasis on freshness. To garantee the freshness requires our company to continually monitor time and temperature allowing products to the entire year.


Sobre a loja

Somos uma Exportadora de produtos 100% Brasileiros, com grande parte de origem amazônica. Desde 2015 trabalhamos junto com as comunidades ribeirinhas para oferecer produtos da Amazônia com sustentabilidade, propagando desenvolvimento da região. Entre os nossos principais produtos estão os peixes amazônicos, grude de peixe, açaí e castanhas. Contamos ainda com parceiros renomados e a supervisão de profissionais qualificados para garantir a entrega de produtos com alta qualidade.


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